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Modern Home Tour – Venice Beach – February 16, 2013

February 16, 2013 Venice’s most creative homeowners, architects and designers are opening their doors to you as part of our Venice Modern Home Tour benefiting the A+D Architecture and Design Museum Los Angeles.


What’s a MODERN home? They scoured the area and had creative homeowners, designers, architects and builders submit some of the most interesting Venice residences. They curated them to ensure a well-balanced tour featuring the most cutting-edge contemporary design that takes advantage of the stunning landscape.





Old Is New Again

Scouting the world

We love order and minimalism in buildings. New, freshly planned, pristine and perfect are great attributes for new structures, yet we also find ourselves drawn to things that aren’t so flawless. Recycled, repurposed, previously loved, salvaged. Buildings that have a previous life carry a character that brand-new ones just cannot master.

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Hidden pools that can go from 1″ to 6′

westside luxe living

Hidden Water Pools look like traditional pools until the owner presses a button on the attached control panel. Within seconds, hydraulic lifts, powered by the pool’s own water, slowly raise the floor of the pool up. As the pool floor rises, the water flows to the edges where it then drains beneath the pool floor.

In a bit more than a minute, the swimming pool is now a decorative patio, just right for entraining, or play. When the party’s over, the patio floor can quickly be lowered back into the pool. The depth of the pool can also be controlled via the control panel. The movable floor allows you to have a swimming pool that is from 1 inch to six feet deep.

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Hill House by Andrew Maynard Architects




Design is complex. There is little that is more complex to design than a home, however fundamental issues offer an architect a starting point; where is the sun? How do we capture it in winter, how do we exclude it in summer?

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Now that is a Tiny Cabinet – and a Great Weekend Escape…

MK and Company Interior Design and Decoration


Built overlooking a lake in Finland, this Micro Cabin, nicknamed “Nido,” was designed and built by Robin Falck to enjoy once out of the military. It took a while to design and Falck consulted with a couple of architects to get everything right, but the results are phenomenal.

Micro Cabin in Finland

Finland has regulations that restrict cabins and small houses from being larger than 96-128 square feet if they are being built without a permit. Falck was able to build a 96-square-foot cabin with a 50-square-foot loft space that houses the bed and stores clothing. Using mostly recycled materials, the entire cabin was built for around $10,500 plus the labor. Amazing!

Micro Cabin in Finland

Micro Cabin in Finland

Micro Cabin in Finland

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