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1965-dodge-deora-concept_1I know, I know, the first thing you say when you look at this Jetsonesque car is “I want one!”  The SECOND thing you probably say is, “How the hell do you get in the thing?”  Would you believe the windshield?  Not very practical and I’m sure it had something to do with its demise but I find this one still very interesting to look at.  I bet “His Boy Elroy” would have LOVED one!


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westside luxe living

This darling little cow is crochet with acrylic yarn. I sew all of his sweet details on by hand. He is packed full of cuteness! This hat is perfect for spring and summer babies!

****This hat is MADE TO ORDER! My current turnaround time is specified in my shop announcement. PLEASE refer to that note and plan accordingly. I cannot accept rush orders at this time.

Please note colors might vary slightly due to dye lot and computer monitor output.
CARE -Hand wash in cold water & lay flat to dry
WARNING – My products may contain small sewn on parts (buttons, felt embellishments ect.) so I do recommend that baby be watched while wearing.
Photo by Lisa Slate Photography

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Hidden pools that can go from 1″ to 6′

westside luxe living

Hidden Water Pools look like traditional pools until the owner presses a button on the attached control panel. Within seconds, hydraulic lifts, powered by the pool’s own water, slowly raise the floor of the pool up. As the pool floor rises, the water flows to the edges where it then drains beneath the pool floor.

In a bit more than a minute, the swimming pool is now a decorative patio, just right for entraining, or play. When the party’s over, the patio floor can quickly be lowered back into the pool. The depth of the pool can also be controlled via the control panel. The movable floor allows you to have a swimming pool that is from 1 inch to six feet deep.

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