A Visionary Architect



Oscar Niemeyer was the last of the greatest architects of the XX century. He was involved in the leading achievements of architecture in the last 104 years. He drew all sorts of buildings, from churches to convention centres, to entire cities, like the administrative capital of Brazil’s Minas Gerais State. But perhaps, his masterpiece was the civic buildings of Brazil’s capital, Brasília or the United Nation Building in New York City.

The aesthetic potential of reinforced concrete was the backbone of his architecture. He used it like clay to sculpt gracious buildings with futuristic looks. Sinuous curves, arches, cupolas, fluid long lines were his architectural signatures. He conceived his buildings like he conceived life itself, deeply in love with his Brazil’s landscape, rivers, and women.

Now Niemeyer will be remembered along Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Phillip Johnson as one of the greatest architect of the modern era. www.netufino.com

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