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“I put this picture on my phone and act like I’m talking to Elmo about Noah’s 2nd B-day party secretly in front of Noah jr. I ask him if he’s going to bring super Grover 2.0, Abby, Bert and Ernie……then Elmo costume at party! Boooooooom! That’s how I do it”
(taken at home base )

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As I’ve mentioned before, I took photos for years with a Canon AE-1 camera.  After I had had it for a number of years, I bought the auto winder that went with it and for ever after, never did I miss a shot because I had not advanced the film in time.  The photo above is a fluke.  It is obviously double exposed, but that wasn’t supposed to happen with the auto winder.

I was meeting a friend at Venice Beach one afternoon in late 1997, and before I left home, I put a new roll of film in the camera and the auto winder advanced, ready to shoot.  Somehow, as I was loading the camera, it went off and caught the image of my daughter lying on my bedroom floor next to my bed. The carpet was about the same color as the Venice Beach Boardwalk.  Julie had come into…

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