designy sh*t all crammed together (“designvrything”)

stream of consciousness

Yeah there isn’t a theme (category or source) to this post, just cool sh*t. (ps do you guys care when I swear? do you prefer $@*! or alphabet? I mean I don’t really care, and it’s not like I swear a lot).


Benton Brothers by Rethink, Canada.


Broke Bike Alley by Rethink, Canada.


Morrigan by Daniel Vasquez, Spain.


Vinyl cover by Michael Hansen.


Fire Fighter Vodka by Timur Salikhov .


Þorsteinn Beer (pronounced Thorsteinn, I think) by Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Iceland.


Based on a Grid by Esther Stocker.


The Zebra Crossing Project by Eduard Čehovin.


CNJPUS text by Ryo Shimizu, Japan.


Skeletype Alphabet by Jerome Corgier.


Student Work: Bon Santé by Wei Sun, Nutchanok Vongswat, Ilse Colby, and Bonvornrat Kasemkamolkij, professor Michael Osborne.


Carl Kleiner really deserves his own…

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