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Ancient Catalonian Church Keeps Ruins + Gains New Soul

Posted: 31 Jul 2012 10:00 AM PDT

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Architects who are asked to restore old or damaged buildings typically decide to bring those buildings back to their former glory. But David Closes decided to take a different path when he was charged with converting the classic Sant Francesc church building into a cultural center and auditorium.

The church was built in the early 1700s and was once part of the Sant Francesc convent. After the convent was sacked in 1835, it was left to deteriorate on its own until 2000, when the rest of the buildings were torn down. Only the run-down church was left standing, and it was this fragile and partially collapsed building that Closes set about transforming.

Rather than bringing the building back to its former state or even simply restoring the shell and giving it a modern interior, Closes did something truly extraordinary. He plunked a new building down inside and outside of the church’s ruined shell. He used collapsed roof sections as skylights and kept some of the building’s original walls as beautiful components of a building that embraces both the past and the present.

One of the most compelling parts of the renovation/conversion is the exterior stairwell. The gorgeous floating glass stairwell was added outside of the boundaries of the original building to avoid having to alter the shape of the nave. Other components were added outside of the building in order to minimize the permanent impact to the shape of the structure while highlighting its new, modern purpose

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Fountain toothbrush.

Rinser Brush


From the department of How Did No One Think of This Before, we bring you the Rinser Brush ($22). This ingenious toothbrush sports a built-in scoop that funnels water to a small hole on the top, creating an instant fountain for rinsing out your mouth — hence the name. Features include a button to control the fountain, a no-nonsense design, and GreenerStep Snap replacement heads to ensure that the brush stays useful way after its first bristles are shot.

Makers mark cigar.

Maker's Mark Cigars


Fine cigars go great with bourbon — but what about a bourbon cigar? As it turns out, they’re pretty great too. Maker’s Mark Cigars ($8-$11) are made from long-leaf tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic, and are “aromatically enhanced” by the Maker’s, giving them a terrific flavor without ever having touched the bourbon. As an added bonus, they arrive in glass tubes that have been hand-dipped in Maker’s signature wax, making the containers airtight, humidification unnecessary, and these cigars absolutely perfect for the golf course. [Scouted by Sam]

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Yeah there isn’t a theme (category or source) to this post, just cool sh*t. (ps do you guys care when I swear? do you prefer $@*! or alphabet? I mean I don’t really care, and it’s not like I swear a lot).


Benton Brothers by Rethink, Canada.


Broke Bike Alley by Rethink, Canada.


Morrigan by Daniel Vasquez, Spain.


Vinyl cover by Michael Hansen.


Fire Fighter Vodka by Timur Salikhov .


Þorsteinn Beer (pronounced Thorsteinn, I think) by Þorleifur Gunnar Gíslason, Iceland.


Based on a Grid by Esther Stocker.


The Zebra Crossing Project by Eduard Čehovin.


CNJPUS text by Ryo Shimizu, Japan.


Skeletype Alphabet by Jerome Corgier.


Student Work: Bon Santé by Wei Sun, Nutchanok Vongswat, Ilse Colby, and Bonvornrat Kasemkamolkij, professor Michael Osborne.


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