Gallerist at Home: Walter Maciel

I love the sculpture in the back

New American Paintings/Blog

Walter Maciel, director and owner of the Walter Maciel Gallery in Culver City, began his career in 1992 after graduating from UC Berkeley with a double major in Art History and Studio Art. After working as the director of two galleries in San Francisco, Maciel moved to Los Angeles and opened his own gallery in 2006. Showing art that is edgy, youthful, creative, and not always traditional, Maciel has cultivated a gallery that is both experimental and modern – and always fun to explore.

Maciel’s home: living room and dining room.

In Gallerist at Home, I like to examine home collections not only to hear the stories behind the works, but also to see the ways in which art-related careers impact personal collections and display processes. Maciel’s home collection is unique, thoughtful, humorous, and aesthetically pleasing, all at once. Though he speaks as if it is still developing, my…

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