Beware The BBQ: Metal Bristles From Grill Brush Pose Health Risk

CBS Los Angeles

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BURBANK (CBS) — The Ahern family love breaking out their barbeque for grilling season.

“I love barbecuing because it’s at my own pace. There’s something better about food you make. It just tastes better,” Jeff Ahern said.

The Burbank-based family is aware of barbecue dangers, such as bacteria and other food-related illnesses — but the grill brush?

It was a hard metal grill brush that sent a man in Carrollton, Texas, to the emergency room.

“We were grilling out, cooking burgers, and, obviously, during the last bite, I got something stuck in my throat,” Matt McMahon said.

It was hours before they realized that the item lodged in his throat was a 1.5-centimeter wire bristle from a brush his father used to clean the grill.

“You can see it’s just one of those plastic ones you can buy at any local store. And here’s a…

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