Metro: Anti-Subway Tunneling Video With Fireballs, Explosions ‘Unfortunate’

CBS Los Angeles

BEVERLY HILLS (CBS) — “Methane gas, toxic chemicals and teenagers don’t mix.”

That’s the dramatic opening to a fiery 5-minute video from the Parent Teacher Council in Beverly Hills opposing Metro plans to build a subway to the sea directly under Beverly Hills High School.

The video titled “No Subway Under BHHS” — which was made with the help of parents who work in the movie industry — features students walking the school’s hallways interwoven with images of a gas valve and several giant exploding fireballs.

Both parents and the City Council have roundly criticized the proposal from Metro to build a station along Constellation Boulevard due to what Rep. Henry Waxman cited as “possible safety risks involved with tunneling under Beverly Hills High School”.

Metro spokesman Marc Littman dismissed the PTA video as little more than scaremongering.

“It’s just unfortunate that they did a video with a fireball and…

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