Brendon Grimshaw: A Real-Life 86 Year Old Robinson Crusoe


Dreams are usually ethereal, a fleeting echo in your mind’s eye.  Once in a great while you are able to realize a dream.  You bring it in to sharp focus and it becomes a reality.  Such is the case for British newspaper editor Brendon Grimshaw.

Back in 1962 Brendon, who was in his late 30’s at the time, purchased Moyenne Island in the Seychelles on the Indian Ocean.  The tiny, deserted island cost him $13K and was rumored to have buried pirate treasure on it.  In 1972 he moved to the island full time and since moving there he has been busy.  Very busy.  He planted 16,000 trees and was able to reintroduce giant tortoises to the island which is also a bird watchers paradise.

Now, 5 decades later, at the spry age of 86, he still lives and works on the island which, as of 2008, is now a…

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