Soda Pop’s

Eat Your Way Through LA

I didn’t know what to expect going to Soda Pop’s off of La Cienega. I never heard of the place, but came across their website randomly. My co-worker and I decided to try it for lunch…why not right? I kind of glanced at the menu online, but instead of looking at their food items, I looked at their large list of bottled soda pop they had. I was so excited to try one!

We drove to the restaurant and luckily they offer free parking in the back. Of course, Alina (my co-worker) and I did not notice the free parking, so we parked in the meters right in front of the restaurant. I was so used to paying for parking anyways, it did not bother me.

Right when we walked in, Alina tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Nicole! Look look look there is Pete Wentz sitting right there!”…

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