The King’s New Ruling: Chickens and Sows will be Cage-Free

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Fast food restaurants have gotten a terrible rep for its treatment of its animals over the past couple decades and for good reason too. KFC’s reported incidents of chicken abuse and McDonald’s use of what has now been labeled “pink slime” are just the tip of the iceberg. But in what could be the start of a significant trend for the better, Burger King declared on Wednesday that all of its eggs and pork would come from cage free chickens and pigs by the year 2017. Chickens normally kept in cages, no larger than a sheet of paper, will now be allowed to roam around and rest in perches and nesting boxes. Sows would also no longer be kept in crates but instead in barns where they have room to move around.

Animal welfare groups are acknowledging this as a huge step because Burger King is the world’s second largest…

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