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Magazine Holders


To say I get a lot of magazines is an understatement.  They have been a place of inspiration and a pleasure source since before I can remember and they are actually the reason this blog is named “ear-marked”.  I spent hours of my childhood flipping through them, turning down – or ear-marking – pages of things I had to have.

Yes, it’s true that most of these things were never purchased, but in the moment, the possibility seemed real.  What has resulted is a timeline of things I have loved.  A while ago, after realizing going from one end of my apartment to the other was more like swimming through Lucky’s and Elle Decor’s, I decided to invest in a large straw basket and promised myself I would keep my collection to the contents of it.  I started tearing out pages and filing them instead of keeping whole magazines…

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I Want To…


…get the Gerber Apocalypse Tool Set… you know…for when the zombies try to take over the planet….

…eat breakfast for lunch and dinner…

…have THIS be my new workspace…

…HEY, that kid looks like my son!…

…soak it all in…

…enjoy the next eclipse above the clouds…

…enjoy the silence…

…know all their secrets…

…have a cool pet….

…tame the big cat…

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Let me start off by saying it took me a long time to get on board with this one.  Rompers can look amazing but are also a hot bed for looking like a fool.  There is only one thing you have to be sure of – FIT.  It should not be loose or baggy (especially in the back) and definitely not too tight.  They should be fitted in all areas.  It may even take a visit to the tailor.

Once you have the right proportions, however, they can be amazing.  SO easy to wear and they’re perfect for a weekend getaway like my trip to Santa Barbara these next couple of days.  They’re pretty no fuss and allow you to not have to put a lot of effort into coming up with a great outfit.

Ready To Wear Rompers:

Monrow Shorts Romper $175

Michael Stars Highline Stripe Strapless Smocked Romper

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Summer Is Fabulous at the Newly Renovated Avalon Hotel

CBS Los Angeles

The Avalon is a hidden gem of a hotel in Beverly Hills, and not just because for our readers, the first few sips of your drink are free. Read on.

The quaint and cool Avalon Hotel, part of Viceroy Hotel Group’s Urban Retreat Collection, was recently renovated with unique interiors by renowned American designer and tastemaker Kelly Wearstler.

The Avalon was first opened as the Beverly Carlton and was designed by legendary graphic designer Alvin Lustig. Stars such as Marilyn Monroe (who lived at the hotel for a period of about three years back in the 1950’s) Mae West, Lucille Ball, and Desi Arnaz often stayed at the hotel. More recently celebrities who have been spotted at the Avalon include: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Biel, Justin Timberlake, Eva Longoria, Jonah Hill and Kate Hudson.

In 1998, property developer Brad Korzen purchased it and enlisted his wife, Kelly Wearstler for a…

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NFL Passes New Pad Rules For Players

CBS Los Angeles

ATLANTA (AP) — The NFL has made thigh and knee pads mandatory equipment for the 2013 season, something the players’ union could oppose because the move was not collectively bargained.

Atlanta Falcons president Rich McKay, chairman of the competition committee, said Tuesday at an owners meeting that because this is a playing rule, the league can apply it unilaterally.

“We have a vote of the membership and can implement,” McKay said. “Some of us felt we were remiss that we took it out of the rule book — high school and college makes it mandatory — and in our mind that is how it should be and will be in 2013.

“We have some work to do with the union.”

McKay said the league will meet with NFL Players Association representatives on the issue, something they have discussed in the past.

The NFLPA did not immediately respond to a request…

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Spring Strawberry Eclipse

Made in Los Angeles

The California Strawberry Festival in Oxnard is a spring tradition thats been around 29 years and going strong.  This years festival was packed with delicious food and great entertainment.  We built our own Strawberry Shortcake while our friends devoured the decadent Strawberry Funnel Cake.  There were Strawberry NachosStrawberry Popcorn as well as Strawberry Wine & Beer, we stuck with Dos Equis and Carne Asada Burritos.

There were carnival rides, a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, spinning strawberry cars, a bungee bounce and adult bungee jumping.  Farming co-ops, charity organizations and community service members of all kinds manned the festival grounds, educating and volunteering.

A laid back crowd of festival goers lounged on bails of hay and enjoyed the sounds of Bostyx, a Boston/Styx tribute band that had all around great energy and an impressive guitarist.  The Solar Eclipse could be seen around 5:30 just…

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