Dehydrating for Backpacking

Awesome1 I will do this next camping trip.

The Pine Cone Gentleman

So, I have some fresh pineapple I want to dehydrate. I don’t have a dehydrator though. In my search to find how to do this in the oven, which seems like a waste of  a lot of energy, I found the “Backpacking Chef“. His site has a ton of information about how to bring real meals backpacking with you.  I got too distracted by this site and never found how to dehydrate the pineapple.

The one recipe that really interested me was something called “Bark”. In short, it’s dehydrated potatoes (or corn, beans, pumpkin pie), and you can make different flavors. Sure you can buy dehydrated potatoes already, but with these recipes you actually know what’s in them. Imagine that! Recipe for Bark is below compliments of the Backpacking Chef. Although, it still requires you to have a dehydrator!

Here’s why you want to bring Bark with you backpacking:

  • When you cook…

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