Police: Gangs May Be Behind Daytime Break-Ins At Luxury Glendale Homes

CBS Los Angeles

GLENDALE (CBS) — A series of burglaries at luxury homes in Glendale prompted police on Friday to warn local residents to remain vigilant.

Burglaries in the area have continued despite the arrests of seven South Los Angeles gang members last week, with five more break-ins reported this week — the majority of which took place in the middle of the day when the victims are at work.

Glendale Police Sergeant Tom Lorenz tells KNX 1070 NEWSRADIO the thieves seem to be targeting specific items.

“They’re looking for cash, jewelry, small electronics, guns, those items that are easily disposable,” said Lorenz.

He also said police believe those responsible for the break-ins could be linked to street gangs.

“We believe it’s a large organization, it’s not just a finite group of people, and we do believe they’re associated with some of these gangs from the South L.A. area,” said Lorenz.

Anyone with…

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