Marina Chetner

I have yet to see a sad sunset.

Sunsets are magical and awe-inspiring. Each paints horizontal brushstrokes of fire across a transitional sky that changes from ocean blue to pink to gold, and ultimately, star-speckled black.

Watching the sun set from an elevation of over 1,000-feet high, on a 36–degree viewing platform, imprinted a series of memorable moments on my mind.

Here is that progression, seen from one of California’s most loved landmarks, Griffith Observatory. Enjoy!


Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, LA.

Griffith Observatory.

A solar entrance.

LA sprawl.

The Astronomers Monument, on the right, pays homage to six of the greatest astronomers, including Galileo and Newton.

A hiking trail runs through it.

Greek Revival architecture.

In transit.

My devoted fellow traveler.

Telescope shadow.


Wild flora.

Colonel Griffith J. Griffith funded this landmark. Architect John C. Austin based the design on the preliminary sketches of Russell W…

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