The Real estate Market 2012? Where are we?

I liked the outlook of this article…. I was chit chatting with someone in line at the grocery store the other day and it came up that I work in Real estate.  they then said “So how is the market?”. I didn’t even hesitate when I responded BUSY. She was surprised.

As most of us, she had heard all the bad news from the media that housing was still in the dumps and the economy is still black. I am here to tell you that I am so encouraged by the market today. Gone are the days when only 12% of workers could afford the average home. Gone are the days when if you were breathing you could get a mortgage, even if you couldn’t afford to feed your family. Gone are the days when even a shack cost more than 10 years of income for many buyers. Frankly, good riddance.

Now homes, even in expensive Los Angeles, are affordable. Now mortgages are given to people who can actually pay the mortgage and buy groceries. Now even school teachers, police officers and firemen can live in the same neighborhoods they serve. I am not saying there aren’t some challenges in home buying, but I am pleased to report that great people and families can once again enjoy home ownership and I for one am celebrating the state of the market.


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