I lived in Willow creek for a few years. They really do believe in Big Foot.

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Originally published September 2, 2007, in the Times-Standard

Karen Wilkinson/Times-Standard

WILLOW CREEK — The Bigfoot capital of the world has been on Stephen Harvey’s radar for the last five to six years.

The Salt Lake City resident who works at a TV news station traveled 13 hours just to experience Bigfoot Days and capture believers and skeptics alike for a documentary about the hysteria surrounding the large, hairy, manlike creature that’s said to inhabit remote forests in the Pacific Northwest.

”Why do people come here; why do people like me come here?” Harvey asked. “What I’m trying to find is sort of humor based on Bigfoot.”

But Harvey doesn’t claim to be unbiased — he’s a Bigfoot believer. Well, kind of.

As an 11-year-old hiking through the woods in Pendleton, Ore., he thought he saw Bigfoot, or something, looking at him. “My imagination was blooming at the time,” Harvey said.

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