* Architecture: El B – Auditorium in Cartagena by Selgascano


Architecture: El B – Auditorium in Cartagena by Selgascano: “..the translucent exterior of the linear volume stretches 210 meters and projects the orthogonal edges found in the man-made environment. as visitors enter the interior, a delicate and light space is presented, evoking a soft aquatic ambiance that is decidedly missing from outside the building’s walls. aluminum and plastic manufactured from a single extruded section are placed in diverse ways and tinted with pigments to appear as different elements. set parallel to the pier’s edge, the horizontality of the low-profile facade accentuates the structures length, with a roof terrace offering panoramic and unobstructed views to the sea..”  Luminous, superb interior.  Wonderful photos, especially of the interior spaces, by the excellent architectural photographer Iwan Baan..

See our post with more excellent photos by Iwan Baan: Architecture: 2012 Pritzker Prize: More photos of Wang Shu’s work by Iwan Baan.

image: Iwan Baan; article: Designboom

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