Five Great Places in SoCal to Jump off a cliff


Just in time for the weekend, Los Angeles I’m Yours has a list of the top five cliff jumping locations in Southern California. Now, don’t get excited that there are some hidden cliffs located directly above 20 foot pools of clean water within the city limits of Los Angeles–most of these cliff jumping experiences will require a drive (they range from as close as the San Gabriel Valley to as far as Lake Arrowhead). But as the offerings on the list show, Southern California is definitely a sleeper in the cliff jumping department. The list was created by Los Angeles Swimmin, a group that LAIY describes as a “kind of punk-rock collective that celebrate and explore the nearby outdoors.” LAS is hoping to raise money to produce a book called The Comprehensive Guide to Cliff Jumping in California, to which we say, good luck with that. Here’s the list, but be sure to head over to LAIY to get the details on how to get there and what to expect:

— Matilija Falls (near Ojai)
— Hermit Falls (near Arcadia)
— Aztec Falls (near Lake Arrowhead)
— Malibu Creek Rock Pools (Malibu Creek State Park)
— Tar Creek Falls (near Fillmore)
· Cliff Jumping In California: A Quick Guide! [Los Angeles, I’m Yours]


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