Hey it’s Taco! What’s up Taco!

I hope you don’t mind if I just run with a nickname I gave myself.  I saw an accident today on the 405 and seeing the cars all crashed up made me reflect on my life.  Did I have fun?  Did I create a legacy?  Did I do this?  Did I do that?  There was a second of silence and serenity……  I felt at peace….  I have had fun.  I enjoy what I do everyday.  I’m still learning and still get excited when I try something new for the first time.  I surround myself with happy, funny smart people who make me smile everyday.  I walked through the front door and looked into the mirror and….looked again even closer….closer…oh Sh*!, @#!@$, $%#^, *&*^%$#&  Is my hair line receding?  M*th@r F&%ER.


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